5 Top Tips for Keeping your Whites White this Summer

Mood-uplifting whites are an integral part of any summer wardrobe for both men and women. But as the weather starts warming up, and as we are forced to put up with the sudden and unexpected rain storm, it becomes difficult to keep them looking clean. Read the article below and find out how you can take care of yours.

  1. Washing

While most people think that dry cleaning is the best way to deal with whites, it’s actually better to take care of them yourself. A nice cotton shirt requires a 40c wash, but ensure that you read the label and know every information that’s unique to your fabric. Fashion whites have some or the other details or embellishments that come in the way of your washing. Also, never mix your whites with colored clothes while washing – it’s a sure fire way to make them look tired and dull.

Do not use bleach while washing as it would turn your favorite shirts or bras yellow. Introducing a scoop of Vanish Oxi Action Powder is a perfect way to keep your whites bright. It includes a special formula that not only keeps tough stains and dirt at bay, but also makes your whites up to 3 shades whiter without damaging the fabric.

To safeguard your shirts or blouses, ensure that you unfasten the buttons before washing them as pressure in the drum can loosen the stitches. Also try and dry your clothes on hangers just to avoid creasing.

  1. Ironing

Spend on a good stem iron if you wish to have best results within minimal time and least amount of stress. The steam penetrates into the fabric and helps in moistening stiff creases, so they become easier to get rid of. Delicate items are best treated with steam iron as you can select a minimum temperature setting with a maximum steam setting. If your shirt is made out of stretch fabric or has a lot to give in it, stop using the iron on too hot a temperature.

  1. Storage

Try and group all your whites together in your wardrobe so that you don’t get any color rub from dark clothes. If you have less space, try and look for items that can fit in drawers. Packing clothes close to each other can damage collars and sleeves.

  1. Wear

It may strike you as common sense but you’d be baffled in knowing at how many garments are damaged through carelessness. If you preparing food with oil or enjoying a glass of red wine at home, ensure that you put an apron on or a jumper to protect the whites. The same applies for when you are safeguarding your whites whenever you are on the go. If you use public transport like bus or train to commute during rush hour, consider sporting a light-weight top that won’t make you too warm, but will safeguard your whites from unwanted stains and dirt.

  1. Treating stains

Obviously it is impossible to be always away from stains. Whether it’s a mishap with some food sauce or the unavoidable yellowish sweat stains that tags along with sporting whites in hot weather, there is a lot you can do to treat them. A stain remover like Vanish is essential when it comes to treating those stubborn marks from collars, cuffs and underarms. Gently apply some of the stain remover to the target areas with the help of a toothbrush prior to the wash, just don’t rub too vigorously or you might end up damaging the fabric.

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