Damage Control for Coffee Stains on the Go

Your favourite shirt is just a bump or a nudge away from having a cup of coffee spilled all over it. The stains, stubborn as they are, get harder and harder to get rid of the longer they seep into the fabric.  It’s less of a challenge when you live close by and can rush home to remove coffee stains with Vanish right after the fiasco. What about when you’re miles away from home?

Don’t let it dry

Coffee stains are notoriously hard to remove since they are oxidisable in nature and even more so if you take your coffee with milk or cream. Unless you have Vanish with you, the proteins can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Absorb excess water

With a clean paper towel or clean cloth, pat the area dry and wipe away as much excess liquid as you can. Although you don’t want to dry out the stain completely, you don’t want to walk around with sopping wet clothes either.

Arriving home

While you may be tempted to throw the stained shirt in the wash and forget all about it, oxidisable stains usually require more than one wash to get rid of. Regular detergent may not always be enough to make an impact and usually end up fading the stain instead of completely getting it out. This is where Vanish comes into the picture!

Steps to get rid of coffee stains with Vanish:

STEP 1: Mix Vanish Liquid with water to form a paste and apply to the stain
STEP 2: Rub it in and leave on the stain for up to 10 minutes
Add one scoop of Vanish Liquid along with your chosen detergent, directly into the machine
STEP 4: Wash as usual

Bid your worries and coffee stains goodbye with Vanish which will keep your clothes sparkling clean and stain free.