Laundry Life Hacks

Doing your laundry can become a tedious task, especially when there are stains involved. However, that doesn’t mean you have to devote all your time trying to get rid of them.

Below mentioned, are some tips that can help reduce the time taken to do your laundry ensuring you spend quality time with your loved ones and indulge in doing things that you actually love.

  1. In case of blood stains, use cold water and prevent stains from settling in to your clothes

Removing blood stains can be really taxing, but it is not impossible. If you are equipped with Vanish. One of the easiest ways to get rid of blood stains is by rinsing the fabric in cold water before treating it with Vanish. It is crucial that you make sure that the water is cold as warm or hot water may make the stain set in to clothes.

  1. Sort the washing out as soon as you take it off

By following this practice, you not only avoid mixing coloured clothing item along with white clothes but also get rid of the daunting task of sorting through large pile of dirty clothes when it is laundry time.

  1. Keep Vanish near for stain removal

Lipstick stains, which are oil-based are stubborn and difficult to remove. In such cases, it is a highly recommended that you pre-soak the stains with Vanish liquid and follow it by washing it with Vanish  Shakti 02 powder to make sure that the stain is gone in the first attempt.

  1. Dedicate a mesh bag for all your smaller or delicate items

Majority of people have experienced the horror of losing something in the wash, especially when it comes to socks. By using a mesh bag to clean all your smaller items you can make sure that a complete load comes out every time. Mesh bags are extremely efficient when it comes to washing bras, tights and any soft toys that has high chances of clinging on to other items.

  1. Make sure you close all the fasteners in order to protect your other clothes

Zips and hooks have a tendency to catch on to other things in the laundry. So, in order to avoid any damage or tearing in the washing machine as it spins, it is highly advisable that you do them all up before washing.

  1. Cut down the amount of clothes you need to iron and the time you spend ironing them

Hanging your shirts on hangers while they are wet is an efficient way to keep them in shape and it also helps in dropping out the creases naturally.

  1. Read the labels

It is very normal for you to think that you know how to wash an item of clothing. However, it is still advised that you read the label to ensure that you are washing the clothes on the right temperature and using the exact heat required to iron the clothes.

Many a times, detergent might not be enough to remove stains from your clothes but Vanish is. To ensure that you get the best out of every wash, pay attention to garment care labels, in order to be sure that you’re washing your clothes correct, and use Vanish Fluid -

Detergent might not be enough to remove stains from your clothes but Vanish is. To make sure you get the best out of every wash, read your garment care labels, in order to make sure you’re washing your items correctly, and use Vanish Oxi Action – it is able to remove the toughest of the stains!