Vanish Oxi Action Liquid

Wash away your worries about stain with Vanish Liquid – Chlorine free. Vanish is different from other harmful Chlorine based traditional beaches, as it contains Oxygen, which removes stains without damaging the color of the fabric.

Product Features

  • It is the best stain remover in the world and works exceptionally well on tough stains
  • Treats stains efficiently with single wash where normal products take at least 5 washes!
  • Can be used on both white and colored clothes

Also available in: 15 ml, 180 ml, 400 ml and 800 ml

Product Description

Everyone has a tough time figuring out a way to remove stains from clothing and restoring them back to normal. With Vanish Oxi Action Liquid, you can remove all kinds of stain, from the one that can be clearly seen, to the stains that hide behind the collars. Vanish Oxi Action Gel can be used on both colored and white clothes. Add this liquid every time you wash!

1. With the new Vanish Oxi Action gel pod, dispense liquid directly onto the stain.
2. Rub the stain gently as required with the base of the pod.
3. Apply gel on the stain and let it stay for 10 minutes (max).
4. Place pod with 60ml dose into your washing machine and wash regularly with your detergent.

1. Mix 60ml of gel into 4 liters of warm water (40°C max).
2. Soak item for a maximum for 1hr in case of color clothes and 6hrs for whites
3. Place pod with 60ml dose into your washing machine and wash as usual with your detergent.

Washing Machine:
1. In case of tough and dried-in stains, mix a dose of 100ml of Vanish Oxi Action Gel to your regular wash .
2.Wash as always. Get best results at 30 degrees.

Important: Ensure that you have understood all the instructions on the package of Vanish. Do not apply liquid on wool, silk and leather. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces – for instance metals, wood etc.