Deodorant on clothes

How To Remove The Stain

Use Vanish Oxi Action!

Deodorant on clothes


Vanish Oxi Action Powder


Step 1:

Mix 1/4 scoop of powder with 3/4 scoop of water (max 40°C) into a paste.

Step 2:

Gently rub stain as required using the knobbly base of the scoop.

Step 3:

Leave paste on the stain for 5/10 minutes max.

Step 4:

Wash as usual with your detergent and add another scoop of Vanish. Take a clean, damp paper towel or cloth and dab the tea or coffee stain until you have removed as much as possible.

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Begin with applying denatured alcohol to the area that is affected with deodorant build-up. Use the alcohol full strength. If needed, scrub the area gently, or let it soak in for a small period of time.

Then once you get your hands on Vanish, you just have to follow the above mentioned steps to get rid of the stains with ease.

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Using deodorant is like using a double-edged sword. It has its pros and cons. On one hand, it helps you make a decent first impression, but on the other, it leaves some stubborn stains on your clothes over time. However, by pre-treating your clothes with Vanish Oxi Action powder, you can get rid of the stains with ease and within no time.