Honey on coloured clothes

How To Remove The Stain

Use Vanish Oxi Action!

Honey on Clothes - For Colours


Stain Remover

Vanish Oxi Action Liquid

Wash away your worries about stain with Vanish Liquid – Chlorine free. Vanish is different from other harmful Chlorine based traditional beaches, as it contains Oxygen, which removes stains without damaging the color of the fabric.

Vanish Oxi Action Liquid


Step 1:

Use new Vanish Oxi Action Liquid pod to dispense liquid directly onto stain.

Step 2:

Gently rub stain as required using the base of the pod.

Step 3:

Leave Liquid on the stain for 10 minutes (max).

Step 4:

Place pod with 60ml dose into your washing machine and wash as usual with your detergent

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Expert Tips

The child in us comes become alive when we're served pancakes with honey or maple syrup. And you can't do much when that a driblet of honey dribbles down on your shirt, can you?

Honey stains are a sweet menace! The stains harden as they dry hence, it is necessary to treat them immediately.

If at all it dries, dab the soiled area with a damp cloth and get the residue off as much as possible.

You can also rinse the stained area under water for 30 seconds.

Then, use Vanish as instructed above to get rid of the stain completely.