INK on Clothes

How To Remove Ink Stain?

Use Vanish Oxi Action!

INK on Clothes

Vanish Oxi Action Powder


Step 1:

Mix 1/4 scoop of powder with 3/4 scoop of water (max 40°C) into a paste.

Step 2:

Gently rub stain as required using the knobbly base of the scoop.

Step 3:

Leave paste on the stain for 5/10 minutes max.

Step 4:

Wash as usual with your detergent and add another scoop of Vanish.


Take a clean, damp paper towel or cloth and dab the ink until you have removed as much as possible.

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Expert Tips

First and foremost read the care label to make sure that the garment is washable and color safe If trying to remove ink stain from an expensive garment, do a colorfast test in an inconspicuous area before treating the stain.

Treat the ink stain quickly. The more the stain sets in, the more difficult it would be to get rid of. Begin with blotting, as rubbing leads to the spread of stains.

Don’t let the item dry without the stain being lifted.

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Everyone has experienced the stain caused by a leaking pen. These are one of the most common stains that lurk around shirt and pant pockets. Vanish understands that such accidents are out of your control and you shouldn’t be punished for the same. Just use the Vanish Oxi Action Powder and follow the given instructions to take care of the most adamant ink stains.