Red Wine on coloured clothes

How To Remove The Stain

Use Vanish Oxi Action!

Red Wine on Clothes - For Colours


Vanish Oxi Action Whitener + Stain Remover Powder

Whiter Whites + Amazing Stain Removal

Vanish Oxi Action Powder


Step 1:

For tough and dried stains: Fully dissolve 1 scoop of the Vanish Oxi Action Powder into 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C) and leave it to soak. For lighter stains, you can use 1/2 a scoop. Colour: leave to soak for a maximum of 1 hour. Whites: leave to soak for a maximum of 6 hours.

Step 2:

After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.


For best results on tough stains, rub the stains out of the clothes before rinsing.

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Expert Tips

If you don’t have a Vanish stain removal product handy with you, don’t fret. We have compiled few handy tips that will help you in removing stains. Vanish can treat the stains even when they have dried-in.

The most important wine stain removal tip is this; never let the stain dry!

Red wine stain will become a task to remove if you don’t handle it immediately.

We also recommend that you don’t try to dry a stained item until you have gotten rid of the red wine stain to your own satisfaction.

Apply some salt on the stain as soon as possible to soak up the red wine. Dab this with a dry garment. Take extreme care and avoid spreading the stain to wider areas.

Try and dab the stain inwards so you can stop the stain from spreading, and don’t try to rub the red wine stain out with the help of a cloth as it would lead to you smearing the stain and making it larger.

Blot the stained area with a paper towel dampened with water. Repeat step 2 if required.


What is the major cause of red wine stains?

The pigment in wine; an Anthocyanin, comes from the skin of the grapes. This anthocyanin causes red wine stains, as they easily bond with any fibrous items. Vanish Oxi Action Powder is formulated to attack these Anthocyanins directly.

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