Product Questions

Each product has clear instructions for use. Please see our dedicated product pages on our website or the back of pack information for instructions.

No. You will need to continue using your usual detergent. Vanish products have been formulated for use alongside your detergent not to replace it.

You will find the whole range of Vanish products in your usual supermarket. Alternatively, you can visit our buy online page which will direct you to a number of retailer websites where you can purchase Vanish.

Seek urgent medical attention taking the product and packaging with you.

Wash immediately with plenty of cold water and seek medical advice.

It is perfectly safe to use Vanish on your clothes without fading colours. If however you have any doubts about using Vanish on any of your garments always test a small area first.

We do not recommend using bleach with Vanish products.

Vanish is suitable to use at all temperatures and can even be used at 30 degrees.

Stain Removal Questions

Our formats can be used on both wool and silk. Always follow the washing instructions on your garments. For detailed information please see our dedicated product pages.

Whitening Questions

Vanish is designed to help prevent this and has whitening agents to keep your whites crystal white!

Repurpose Old Clothes

So much used but still wearable clothing ends up in the landfill every year. You can give your worn-out clothes a new lease of life by reviving old fabrics, patching holes and upcycling garments into something completely new. With a little help from Vanish, you can get to work treating stains, mending wear-and-tear, and learning how to repurpose clothes to help them live longer lives.
Repurpose Old Clothes