Removing Stains from Underwear and Delicates:

From silk scarves to pure wool jumpers, our delicate garments tend to need a little extra love. So, when you find a mark on your favourite silk top, you want to make sure you do the right thing first and avoid damaging your item permanently.

In this guide, we will recommend the best way to remove stains from your underwear and delicate clothes.

By using Vanish Oxi Action Liquid you can experience first-time amazing stain removal that’s designed for use on everyday items, including underwear and delicates. Simply read on for more of our general advice.

How to remove stains from delicate clothes

Cleaning your delicate garments can be particularly tough – you don’t want to damage the delicate materials with harsh chemicals, but equally, you need to remove the stains. The materials are often costly too, which gives us even more reason to look after them with the utmost care.

How to remove stains from delicate clothes

How to remove stains from underwear

Whether you’re a fan of cotton briefs or silky lingerie, knowing how to remove stains from underwear is very handy. Firstly, understand your underwear! The colour, fabric and type of underwear will affect how you need to treat the item. Make sure you check the label before washing. When it’s safe to use, pre-treat your garment using Vanish Oxi Action Liquid:


  1. Dispense Vanish Oxi Action Liquid directly onto stain.
  2. Gently rub the stain in circles using the cap.
  3. Leave the liquid on the stain for 10 minutes (max).
  4. Place another 60ml of the gel into your washing machine with your detergent and wash as usual.

How to remove stains from a saree

Sarees are equally beautiful as they are delicate, so it is integral that when a stain is spotted, you wash this beautiful silk fabric the right way with the best product. This article on how to remove stains from silk will give you tailored guidance to ensure your saree is carefully looked after and restored in the cleaning process.

General advice

  • Please refer to the packaging for specific product usage and advice.
  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Store the product only in the original container and always fasten the lid.
  • Do not expose product to direct sunlight.
  • Before use check if colours may bleed by testing a hidden area of the fabric.
  • For best results it may be necessary to repeat parts of the process.